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Hero Club Educates Fifth-Graders on Bully Prevention

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The Glen Cove High School Hero Club spoke to fifth-graders at Connolly and Landing elementary schools about bullying on March 23.

The Hero Club and adviser Vicki Gordon wanted to better prepare the fifth-graders for middle school by giving them tools to deal with and potentially avoid being the target of bullies, and to help make their transition a positive and empowering experience.

Through activities, role-playing and discussion, students learned about the four different types of bullying. They also learned about the victims of bullying, bullies, bystanders and what they can do to prevent it. Fifth-graders took the Hero Club Pledge and were given resources to reflect upon.

Hero Club President Christina Ng and club members felt that this was not only a great opportunity, but a great responsibility. The club members planned, organized and worked very hard on their presentations. Everyone enjoyed visiting their elementary schools and seeing their fifth-grade teachers again.
“It was a fun and valuable experience for all,” said Gordon.  “I’m so proud of all the students.”