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Connolly Students Enjoy Pizza With the Mayor

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Connolly fifth-graders in Frank Monteleone’s class enjoyed a pizza party with City of Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello after participating in the mayor’s storytelling challenge.
The mayor presented the challenge to students when he served as a Community Reader during the school’s Pick a Reading Partner celebration in January. At that visit, Mayor Spinello brought a book to present to the fifth-graders, but the class recommended a different book for the mayor to read, which included humor. Keeping that request in mind, the mayor challenged the students to write their own silly stories and to submit them to his office, with the most creative to be included in the City of Glen Cove’s newsletter. He also promised a pizza party for the class’ participation.
Mayor Spinello delivered on his promise on April 18. He thanked all of the students for taking part in the challenge and said it was a tough decision for him and his staff to pick one story as winner. Fifth-grader Jake Robert Casale wrote the winning essay and received a small token of appreciation. The entire class received citations, a copy of the city newsletter, a pencil made of all recycled materials and a booklet of fun activities from the mayor.
Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky commended the students on their writing and encouraged them to continue exercising their writing ability in the future.