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‘Ben Franklin’ Visits Landing

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Landing students learned about the life of Benjamin Franklin when re-enactor Lloyd Wheeler visited the school on May 12.

Using student volunteers, “Franklin” spoke about and acted out the main facts of his life, which included working as a printer for his brother. He also demonstrated the printing process he used and explained how different life was in Colonial times, and how most of what is available to people today was not available back then.

As part of the presentation, Wheeler gave out buckets to students, then handed them a tennis ball and asked that they pretend the ball was fire. The tennis ball was passed from one student’s bucket to the next to demonstrate how slowly fires were extinguished in Colonial times without fire departments.

“Franklin’s” demonstrations hammered home tenets of character education, including the importance of persistence and self-reliance.
He also discussed his love of reading and spoke about the job descriptions of his day.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and walked away with vast knowledge on the historical figure’s life, as well as important character building lessons.