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Glen Cove High School Honors Students of the Month

Glen Cove High School Honors Students of the Month Photo thumbnail75328
Glen Cove High School is proud to announce its Students of the Month for December, January and February. The students are recognized by grade level for their hard work and achievements. In addition, the Glen Cove Rotary Club and local Knights of Columbus chapter each named their own student of the month.

The Students of the Month for December were Julie Micko (Rotary); Deborah Mendez (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Trinity Guzman and Emmanuel Jimenez; sophomores Jessica Alvarenga and Jonathan Escobar; juniors Sebastian Jasinski and Brendan Owens; and senior Matthew Arena.
The Students of the Month for January were Shelbie Farnan (Rotary); Isabel Blas (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Michael Corwin and Zakarah Hargrove; sophomores Yanira Acosta Yanes and Miguel Hernandez Flores; juniors Eduardo Mancia and Spyridon Markoulis; and seniors Angela Anastassov and Luis Garcia.
The Students of the Month for February were Alyssa Zangari (Rotary); Jason Ventura (Knights of Columbus); freshmen Megan Battaglia and Gabriela Fernandez; sophomores Ana Flores Garcia and Neshauna Kawall; juniors Marleny Flores Garcia and Paula Hernandez; and seniors Tamara Gitlin and Amara Phillip.

Principal Antonio Santana and the entire administration congratulate the students on their academic achievements.