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100 Days Smarter at Gribbin School

100 Days Smarter at Gribbin School photo thumbnail87236

Students at Gribbin School celebrated the 100th day of school with a variety of fun academic activities that incorporated counting to 100.

In Michelle Mardiney’s bilingual kindergarten class, students did 100 exercises while watching a video of counting to 100 in Spanish. They also created necklaces using 100 beads and practiced writing their numbers. Meanwhile, kindergartners in Irene Kamola’s class participated in mathematics-themed centers that focused on counting to 100. First-graders enjoyed a 100-day snack comprised of pretzel rods and clementines. They also completed a writing activity that focused on what they’d like to have 100 of, and grouped items by fives, 10s and 25s to equal 100.