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Gribbin Kindergartners Study the Meaning of ‘Harmonious’

Gribbin Kindergartners Study the Meaning of ‘Harmonious’ photo thumbnail87539
Gribbin students in Irene Kamola’s and Mr. John Segreti’s kindergarten classes chose “harmonious” as the word to display on the school vocabulary board located just outside the school’s main office.

Different classes take turns depicting new words on the vocabulary board, giving all of the school’s students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. The kindergarten students filled up the bulletin board with illustrations, photographs and their own writings that reinforced their understanding that the word “harmonious” means people and things that get along well. Cookies and milk, stars and stripes, and paper and pencils were a few of the ideas shown.  

The students introduced the word to the school by singing an original song called “What’s More Harmonious Than You and Me?” during the morning announcements on Feb. 12. “Harmonious” will be the featured word for two weeks. 

Mr. Segreti said “harmonious” seemed like the perfect new word for all to learn because it was Valentine’s Day, and February is International Friendship Month.