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Back to School

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There were lots of smiles as district students kicked off the 2019-2020 school year on Sept. 3. The children arrived with their school supplies in tow, ready for a wonderful year of academic learning.   

At Deasy School, students enjoyed a busy first day reading, writing, painting and more as they got to know their new classmates. The teachers were excited for the students’ arrival and were prepared with many fun and educational activities to begin the new year. As part of their day, kindergartners received a tour of the school building, which helped them get familiar with their new surroundings, and second graders enjoyed “Jitter Juice” after reading the book, “First Day Jitters,” written by Julie Danneberg. 

Gribbin School teachers enthusiastically greeted their students upon arrival. Once the classes were settled, the students listened to stories, completed interesting activities and learned about their new friends. Kindergartners in Irene Kamola’s class were introduced to goldenrod as part of their first-day fun. Ms. Kamola brought the goldenrod to class to prepare students for the wonderful education experiences they would take part in this year thanks to the school’s new native garden. The class also read, “Do You Want to Be My Friend?” and created picture books, drawing things that they like. Meanwhile, first graders in Antoinette Hatzopoulos’ class explored the native garden to see how it had changed over the summer months. 

Throughout the district, students learned about their new schedules, their teachers’ expectations and more to successfully prepare them for the upcoming school year.