Glen Cove High School Celebrates Students of the Month

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Glen Cove High School recently honored its Students of the Month for December, January and February. Every month, students are recognized by grade level for their hard work and achievement. In addition, the Glen Cove Rotary Club and local Knights of Columbus chapter each name its own student of the month. Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana, Assistant Principal Allen Hudson and Pupil Personnel Services Coordinator Michael Tweed congratulated the students on their achievements.
The Students of the Month for December were Grace Blinkoff (Rotary), Amara Philip (Knights of Columbus), freshmen Anthony Condo and Sara Prainito, sophomores Luis Guevara and Brianna Murphy, junior Julie Micko and senior
Tea Grzanov.
The Students of the Month for January were Michelle Melfi (Rotary), Shelbie Farnan (Knights of Columbus), freshman Christina Cavallone, sophomore Eduardo Mancia Diaz, junior Michael Morra and senior Tim Hogan.
The Students of the Month for February were Alexandra Casale (Rotary), Same Israel (Knights of Columbus), freshman Amber Brown, sophomore Gabriela Fuentes Escobar, junior Jared Buehre and senior Elizabeth Grieco.