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Board of Education Ad Hoc District Technology Committee:

Central Administration
Dr. Michael Israel
Nelson Iocolano
Alexa Doeschner
Justin Lander
District Staff
Cheryl Carmody
Nancy Cox
Jeffrey Eisele
Vincenzo Iannelli
Dulce Jon-Stenger

Jessica McKenna
Herenia Padilla
Dora Ricciardi
Giselle Jaclyn Taylor
Gayle L. Tullo
Parents & Community
Patricia Unger
Smart Schools Investment Plan


2018 - 2021 Instructional Technology Plan


Below are the tentative dates for 2018-2019

All meetings will be held at the
Thayer House Conference Room beginning at 4:00 p.m.

September 13 (Thurs)
October 15 (Mon)
November 8 (Thurs)
December 10 (Mon)
January 14 (Mon)
February 11 (Mon)
March 11 (Mon)
April 8 (Mon)
May 13 (Mon)
June 10 (Mon)








Agendas 2017-2018


Minutes 2017-2018


Agendas 2016- 2017


Minutes 2016 -2017



Agendas 2015-2016


Minutes 2015-2016


Agendas 2014-2015


Minutes 2014-2015


District Technology Committee




Thursday, August 06, 2020