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Deasy Students Celebrate the 100th Day of School


Kindergarten and first-grade students at Deasy School commemorated the 100th day of school with a variety of fun, educational activities.

Kindergarten students counted cereal pieces in groups of ten to equal 100 and then placed them on a string, creating “Froot Loop” necklaces. They also decorated paper crowns that read “100 Days Smarter” and completed 100 jumping jacks. Meanwhile, first-grade students and teachers dressed like they were 100-years-old. The children enjoyed rotating to different stations led by first-grade teachers, creating crafts and writing about what they’ll be doing when they reach 100 years of age.  

The students had a wonderful time and were fully engaged in the activities that reinforced their classroom learning.

Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy

Blubber Glove Experiment at Deasy

Deasy first-graders in Cynthia Geraci's class have been researching penguins and the physical adaptations that help them survive in cold weather.

To bring the curriculum to life, students participated in the Blubber Glove experiment, where they were able to feel the warmth that blubber provides to warm-blooded animals in freezing conditions. First, students placed one hand into a bowl of ice water for ten seconds. Then, they put on a Blubber Glove (a glove lined with a layer of margarine to simulate blubber). The students then placed their hand back into the water for ten more seconds and could easily feel the difference that blubber helps to keep out the cold and insulates heat within a penguin's body.

Deasy School’s Hour of Code

Deasy Elementary School students recently participated in a global celebration of computer science education with an Hour of Code.
The lessons began with STEAM teacher Jessica McKenna discussing types of machines and some of the careers that computer scientists can attain. Kindergartners were then introduced to basic coding and learned several commands that allowed them to move a character “Fuzz” through a blue maze. The goal was for the students to program Fuzz to get to the golden coins.
During the first-grade lessons, students were introduced to “Code-a-pillar,” a new character. They used their prior knowledge of coding and utilized symbolic commands to program the Code-a-pillar to get to a target. As each level increased, so did the complexity of the game.

Second-graders participated in a Star Wars challenge. These students have progressed to using block coding to create their programs, which are longer and more complex than the ones they worked on in first grade. This work will prepare them for more sophisticated coding concepts that they will learn next year at Landing School with STEAM teacher Kenneth Altamirano.
Over the next two months, Deasy students will move forward with basic coding and robotics and use their newly obtained knowledge to program various robotic technologies including: Code-a-pillar, Ozobot, Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017