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Landing Elementary School

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Off to a Great Start...Landing School Students Sign the Bill of Rights!

How does a school year begin at a Blue Ribbon School? With a family gathering, of course!  In keeping with tradition, Dr. Michael Israel, Landing School Principal, gathered his family by grade level in the all purpose room to set a positive tone for the coming year.  In his opening remarks to each group, Dr. Israel said, "It is my job as your principal to make sure that each of you can come to school each day and learn in a safe and caring environment.  It is your job to follow our school rules, show respect to the adults who watch over you, and to take care of one another." Students were then called upon to read the individual rights listed on each grade level's Bill of Rights compact, and to seal their promise to uphold these rights by signing their names.  Teachers and staff also signed their names to these compacts that are then displayed in the all purpose room for the duration of the school year.  Following these grade level gatherings, teachers continue to discuss these important rights with their classes by reviewing the Landing School Student Handbook. When asked to comment about the meaning of this Landing tradition, Dr. Israel said, "The success of any school year is best achieved when everyone comes together to define and work toward common goals. Making behavioral expectations clear to all on the first day of school helps to set a positive and productive tone for the school year ahead."

Landing Commemorates 9/11 Anniversary

On September 9th, the Landing School family gathered around the flagpole to commemorate the tragic events of Sept 11, 2001.  Students dressed in red, white and blue to show their patriotism and recited the Pledge of Allegiance together and sang "God Bless America", led by Ms. Rosita Mallo, our music teacher.  Additionally, Sept 11 memorabilia, including two flags honoring the heroes and the victims of the tragedy were unfurled and displayed for students to view. Afterward, "God Bless The USA", sung by Lee Greenwood, was broadcast over the public address system as students marched back into the school.  Classroom teachers had their students participate in various activities to remember the fallen heroes and families of September 11th.

Landing School Selected for 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools Award

Arne Duncan, Secretary, US Department of Education, has proudly announced thatLanding Elementary School has been selected as one of 304 schools nationwide for the 2010 Blue Ribbon Schools Award.  Schools designated as Blue Ribbon Schools serve as role models for schools throughout the nation.  Landing School was one of only two schools on Long Island selected for this award this year.

This prestigious nomination is reserved for public and private elementary, middle and high schools that are academically superior or have made significant progress and helped close gaps in achievement especially among disadvantaged and minority students.  “This nomination is a testament to the commitment the Board of Education, administration and staff have made to improving student achievement and to the hard work of our students,” stated Landing Elementary School Principal Dr. Michael Israel.  "We put a lot of effort into what we're doing because it means a lot to us."  Dr. Israel added that students are learning in a diverse environment where high expectations are set for their achievement.  “We were very proud to have been nominated by New York State and subsequently selected for this award."


The school submitted a detailed application including New York State English Language Arts and Math assessment data from the past five years. Fifth grade teacher David Smith accompanied Principal Dr. Michael Israel to a national ceremony held in Washington D.C. on November 15-16 to accept the award from Aba Kumi, Director of the Blue Ribbon Schools Program. Celebrations were held at Landing School on September 16 and again on April 12 to commemorate this event .

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Landing Students Perform National Anthem at Islanders Game
Landing School students sang the National Anthem at the NY Islanders Game on Saturday, March 5, 2010.  The group of 31 students from grades 2-5 performed the Star Spangled Banner to a thunderous ovation from the crowd at the Nassau Coliseum.  This terrific opportunity was coordinated by Landing PTA President Laura Farley and the students sang under the direction of music teachers Gina Costanza and Sandra Vigliotti.  The Landing School's students performance inspired the Islanders to a 5-2 win over the St. Louis Blues!


Dentist visits Third Grade Classes
Dr. Seth Newman visited Landing School's Third Grade class on Feb. 14th for his annual presentation for Dental Health Month.  Dr. Newman and Mrs. Germino RN are surrounded by all the students after the assembly.

Landing School Annual Thanksgiving Feast  
November 19, 2010
On Friday, November 19th, Dr. Israel once again gathered his Landing School family together in the all-purpose room for his annual "Thanksgiving Feast". Each year, Landing School opens its doors to the students' families for the purpose of enjoying a special meal together, and reflecting on the many things for which we are grateful. When asked about the feast, Dr. Israel responded, "In our world today with busy schedules and many responsibilities, it is often difficult to find time to enjoy with our families. This day takes on special meaning for all of us at Landing School because we too, are a ' family ' , and we do value and look forward to the time we get to spend together". Special guests in attendance at our feast this year included: Dr.  Joseph Laria, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Kevin Wurtz , Deputy Superintendent and Dr. Shari Camhi, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. As part of our tradition, each class contributed a special presentation while lunch was being served. Classes read poems, shared stories, and contributed to Power Point presentations centered around the important theme of giving thanks. Our delicious feast this year included turkey, gravy, rice, carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and cupcakes. One of the things we are most grateful for at Landing School is our incredible PTA. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped to make our feast so memorable. The Landing Family wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.





Landing Site Based Team Presents:

"Parent Overview of the 2011 Grade 3-4-5 NYS ELA and Math Exam"

On the evening of December 7, 2010, Landing teachers presented a workshop entitled "Parent Overview of the 2011 Grade 3-4-5 NYS ELA and Math Exams".  Teachers presented a power point presentation and familiarized parents with the new state exams by providing handouts and reviewing sample questions.  Students were invited to attend Movie Night in the All Purpose Room and view "How To Train Your Dragon" while their parents attended the workshops in various classrooms.  Many thanks to Landing teachers Jackie Conners, Susan Fiumara, Michele Orlando, Jamie Sharfman, Robin Tenke and Susan Valzovano for making the presentations.  Thanks also to the Site Based Team, Mrs. Laura Farley, Mrs. Angelina Stone and DECA students from GCHS for their assistance in providing refreshments and supervision for this event.








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